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Innovative Home Systems takes pride in delivering a wide range of home systems to our esteemed clientele. Our offerings encompass everything from surround sound systems that amplify your cinematic experience to professional LED screen installations. Additionally, we establish robust wireless networks tailored to seamlessly support any laptop or wireless device, thereby fostering a truly connected environment.

Our Solutions Are:

Custom Theaters

Have you ever envisioned a dedicated theater room in your own home, a sanctuary where you can immerse in sound, unwind with family or entertain friends? At Innovative Home Systems, we’ve spent years perfecting the art of designing and constructing dedicated home theaters. Not only do we promise to match our competitors’ prices, but we confidently assure you that we will surpass them. Furthermore, we provide a user-friendly system and customer service reminiscent of old-world charm and reliability. Rest assured, you will find our Innovative Systems and our service more than satisfactory.

Our Solutions Are:

Automation Systems

What is Home Control? Innovative Home Systems redefines smart living by integrating your everyday devices, from lights to locks, into an intelligently connected system, manageable anywhere. Craft perfect ambiances, control your thermostat globally, manage multi-room music, and get notified when your teenager arrives home. Our solutions bring the home automation system of your dreams to life, within budget. Experience a smarter home with us. So, what’s your ideal level of control?

Our Solutions Are:

Surveillance / Security

Innovative Home Systems offers premier security solutions tailored for both residential and commercial spaces. We feature top-notch wireless alarm systems, which do not rely on a phone line, ensuring seamless surveillance. Our systems are designed for effortless installation into existing homes or offices, providing a hassle-free user experience. With Innovative Home Systems, you gain access to robust, easy-to-use, and reliable security solutions. Trust us to enhance your safety and peace of mind, no matter the location.

Our Solutions Are:


Energy Management

In an era where energy efficiency is paramount, Innovative Home Systems provides smart, accessible solutions. Our systems allow automatic adjustments to shades and thermostats for optimized energy usage, based on factors like seasons, time, or temperature. Control your thermostat remotely using your smartphone, and employ our dimmers, timers, and occupancy sensors to minimize energy waste. Our motion sensors can turn off lights in unoccupied rooms, resulting in savings and reduced carbon footprint. With us, enjoy improved life quality through sustainable living.

Our Solutions Are:

Commercial Systems

Innovative Home Systems proudly serves a diverse range of properties, from Commercial Parks to Low and High-Rise Condominiums, and beyond. Our wide array of advanced systems, characterized by their affordability and excellence, has been expertly designed to meet the unique needs of each property type. We invite you to inquire about our systems, discover our competitive pricing, and experience the seamless integration provided by our professional installation services. Today is the perfect day to upgrade your property with our innovative solutions.

Our Solutions Are:

Hotel / Casino

Innovative Home Systems is your comprehensive resource for media and entertainment solutions. We cater to a range of areas within your project, from the back-of-house operations to public spaces and guest rooms. Our expertise lies in curating experiences that transcend the ordinary and inspire delight. We invite hoteliers to engage with us to craft ECO-friendly solutions specifically designed for your establishment. Our innovative systems not only provide financial savings but also contribute to an enhanced guest experience, ensuring their utmost satisfaction during their stay. At Innovative Home Systems, we blend technology and hospitality to create memorable experiences for your guests.

Our Solutions Are:

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