Innovative Home Systems has been creating exciting automation solutions since 2005.

Our mission

Innovative Home Systems has been creating exciting automation solutions since 2005. Our client base stretches from Las Vegas to San Diego, and our capabilities stretch as far as your imagination will take you. From custom home theatres to advanced security systems, we can handle all of your residential or commercial tech needs. If you don’t know exactly what you want, that’s no problem. Just give us a call, and we’ll work with you to figure out what’s best for you and your home or business. We’re excited to speak with you and learn more about your vision.

Our brain

Awesome Team
President / Design
Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown has had an insatiable curiosity for understanding how things work since he was very young. Raised during the rise of the Internet, technology became less a hobby and more an addiction. After moving to the Las Vegas Valley in 2004, Jeff launched his own company, creating and installing dynamic home and business improvement projects. Whether you're looking to automate your home or add top of the line security to your business, Jeff and his team will bring the highest levels professionalism, creativity, and innovation to your project.

Team Manager
Bruno Pella

Part of Innovative family since 2014, Bruno Pella brings consistency and tenacity to our company. Overseeing the team, both on the field and behind the scenes, Bruno has one goal: bringing only the best to your project. An avid motorsports fan, he has a keen eye for sleek lines while constantly pushing the technology we use to be bigger, better, and most importantly, faster. Bruno's attention to detail has made every project exceptional, and is instrumental on every project he manages.

Programmer / Network
Johnathan Pintado

Johnathan Pintado joined the Innovative team in 2016. In addition to being very hardworking, Johnathan has become Control4 certified and a PCNA professional. Johnathan is a phenomenal programmer and an expert with surveillance and deployed systems. With a skilled eye, honed through photography, John values quality and precision in every detail. Whether programming your system or working on a large scale install, John will be relentless in ensuring your experience is nothing short of phenomenal.

Install / Lifeestyle
Travis Brox

An avid fan of all things entertainment, Travis Brox became part of the Innovative team in 2016. A true part of our team bringing dedication to lifestyle and media applications which makes Travis a perfect fit for both our vision and brand. His enthusiasm ensures that Travis shows up on every job site ready to ensure your project exceeds all your expectations.

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